Jalalpur Irrigation Project (JIP)

Command Area Development (CAD) Component

The Jalalpur Irrigation Project (JIP) is located along right bank of River Jhelum encompassing Jhelum and Khushab districts. It is a non-perennial irrigation system which would irrigate about 169,000 acres of virgin land located in Pind Daden Khan and Khushab tehsils for irrigated agriculture development.


The key objective of the project is to develop the culturable waste land for agriculture in Jalalpur Canal command and promote irrigated agriculture with efficient utilization of limited water resources being made available from new canal system through sustainable infrastructure development at the farm level to alleviate poverty in the project area by generating enhanced employment opportunities and maximizing farm profitability.

Components of CAD

  •       Organization of 485 water users associations (WUAs) 
  •       Development and construction of 485 watercourses

  • LASER land levelling on 30,000 acres in watercourse commands
  • Installation of High Efficiency irrigation Systems on 2,000 acres

  • Construction of 20 Water Storage Ponds and Solar Powered Pumping Stations for Irrigating Un-commanded Areas in the Outlet Commands

Gestation Period

Four (4) years (2019-20 to 2022-23)

Financial Outlay

            Total Project Cost                   :           PKR     3,959.702 million (US$ 37.71 million)

            Asian Development Bank        :           PKR     2,624.052 million (US$ 24.99 million)

            Punjab Government                :           PKR    793.360 million (US$   7.55 million)

            Farmers                                   :           PKR    542.290 million (US$   5.16 million)


Jhelum and Khushab districts

Physical Targets of the Project